Red King

Prince. Wholesaler of Canadian top quality Red King Wild Salmon. Direct selling importer and supplier of the best quality wild Canadian salmons.

Red King – Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha | Canadian wild pacific salmon.
The body of the royal salmon is elongated and robust, and its coloration varies in different parts of the body. The back has an intense blue green color that fades on the sides, where it shows a silver hue. The ventral region is whitish. The back, dorsal and caudal fins have small round spots of dark color. The head of this salmon is pointed. The mouth, directed forward, has mandibles with sharp, conical teeth that are born on black gums, a characteristic that has given it the common name of “black mouth”, with which it is known in some areas where it is found. It can reach 150 cm in length, with a weight of more than 60 kg. It can live as long as nine years.

smoked wild Red King Canadian salmon

The Prince® Red King Salmon – That is, the “King” of salmon.
It is by far one of the best wild products on the European market today, of which Luigi Danesin S.a.s. is an exclusive importer for the whole of Europe.
With a compact but soft meat, a sweet taste and exceptionally light smoking, it melts in the mouth.
Only 2% of salmon caught in the Pacific Ocean become King.
As with the other varieties of Canadian salmon on the price list, it is smoked at the place of origin and is selected after smoking.
Also available in a dedicated gift box.
Fillets from about 2.6 to 6 kg.
Store in the refrigerator at a temperature from 0 to +2 °C
Shelf life: 90 days from the date of packaging.