Tuna Fish

Prince. Wholesaler of Canadian top quality Wild smoked Tuna Fish. Direct selling importer and supplier of the best quality wild Canadian Sword Fish and Tuna .

Yellowfin Tuna – Thunnus Albacares
Caught with selective and sustainable fishing methods, this tuna is characterized, in particular, by the bright yellow fin ends. Widespread in all tropical and subtropical seas, except theMediterranean, it has a high swimming ability and it is capable of making great migrations. The adult specimen provides very compact and full slices; in particular it is appreciated for its pinkish flesh and for its very delicate taste.

smoked wild Canadian Tuna Fish

Prince® Wild Tuna
FFillet of wild tuna caught by hooks in the seas of British Columbia (Canada) and Washington State (USA) seas. Exclusive smoking process, as it is customary for all our products, performed with natural procedure by masters artisans in the land of origin and with aromatic Canadians woods. It is worked without dyes or preservatives.
The product shows itself in a brownish colour and in fillets of variable weight and with excellent consistency for slicing.
It is sold in pieces ready to use raging in weight from 700g. to about 1 kilo.
Store at a temperature of -18 ° C
Shelf Life: 1 year from date of packaging.