Prince Salmon

General information about Prince®  wild canadian salmon, best quality Atlantic and Pacific wild Canadian salmon, tuna and smoked swordfish.

The harbour and the Prince® factory are located in the Vancouver bay (Canada) in the southern province of British Columbia.
The Prince® vessels take off from the docks of the old harbour to cast their nets and longlines in the clear waters of the North Pacific and Atlantic. Here, with selective and sustainable fishing techniques, we choose our variety of fish. Only the best fish become the choice of Prince®.
Whether we are dealing with salmon, tuna or swordfish, whatever is caught receives his initial processing immediately on board of the fishing vessels and it is quickly stored at controlled temperature.

Canadian top quality Wild Salmon

Then, in the Prince® factory, after that the fish get dipped in salt for 12 to 24 hours, it is washed and dried up at stable temperature. Finally it gets smoked with a vertical posture (hanging).
Prince® products are smoked with aromatic essences and fine woods combined together in a unique and exclusive Prince® blend, using special rooms provided with generators of smoke produced by a unique flameless combustion (lox). This system promotes a greater loss of water and provides a firmer and tasty meat.
All products Prince® are caught in open sea with sustainable fishing methods, processed according to strict regulations and without dyes or preservatives; only after the smoking processes, packaging and selection become a Prince® brand.

Wild Salmon

It is a fish that is born and grows in a balanced ecosystem and ruled by sustainable fishing methods.
The name Wild Salmon includes five species that are born in the crystal waters of the rivers and streams of North America and migrate to the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean and in the Bering Sea, where they live and grow away from the pollution caused by humans; they feed themselves with shrimp, herrings and squids.

The five varieties of wild salmon are Red King, Coho, Sockeye, Chum and Pink.
The different species of salmon, after the hatching of their eggs (that are laid in rivers and lakes) spend about one to three years in fresh water as juveniles, then they go down the rivers and streams to migrate toward the open sea.
During their young age they prefer a clean habitat, rich in vegetation and woody debris, where it is easier to camouflage themselves and where they find shelter and a good hunting territory. The adult salmon, once it reaches the salt water and the open sea, acquire the necessary strength in order to migrate so that it can spawn before ending its life cycle.

Prince® selects only the finest varieties:

Chinook | King Salmon – Chinook salmon

Chinook salmon are also known as King Salmon.
The populations of Chinook salmon range from California’s Central Coast to the Arctic Coast including, in the middle, the Canadian one. Spawning occurs, unlike other salmon species, in deeper waters.
After laying the eggs the females guard the spawning area even for a whole month, before they died. The Red King is the most valuable variety of wild salmon and it is the largest in size.
The Red King can weigh up to 30 kg, and it is the longevous kind of salmon. The superior quality of its meat is given by the fact that it can swim freely and eat according to nature, which makes its meats firm with the typical intense flavor.

Coho | Silver Salmon – Oncorhynchus Kisutch

Coho Salmon is also known as Silver salmon.
It belongs to the genre Oncorhynchus, translation from the Greek that describes the lower jaw shaped like a hook typical of the male salmon during the breeding season.
The Coho, or Silver, is smaller than the Red King but still highly sought after.
It has the lowest fat content amongst all the kinds of wild salmon, therefore its meat is firm and compact, with a beautiful colour and a flavor that is delicate and sweet.

Sockeye | Red Salmon – Sockeye salmon

It is the third most common species of salmon found in the Atlantic Ocean.
The young fish spend up to three years in freshwater before migrating to the ocean.
The Red Salmon, as a matter of fact, is so called because of the vibrant colour of its flesh, which is characterized by a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids; hence the deep red color and exceptional softness and strong flavour, making it extremely suitable for the smoking process.

Swordfish – Xiphias Gladius

Our swordfish are caught offshore in the Atlantic waters of North America.
After being smoked the fillets appear firm. The flesh present a light pink colour with slightly darker stripes.
The taste is strong but always gentle.

Yellowfin Tuna – Thunnus Albacares

Fillet of wild tuna caught by hooks in the seas of British Columbia (Canada) and Washington State (USA) seas. Exclusive smoking process, as it is customary for all our products, performed with natural procedure by masters artisans in the land of origin and with aromatic Canadians woods. It is worked without dyes or preservatives.
The product shows itself in a brownish colour and in fillets of variable weight and with excellent consistency for slicing.