Prince Salmon

Prince® selects only the finest varieties of Canadian wild salmon, as well as tuna and swordfish caught in the Atlantic and Pacific.

As soon as our catch is brought on board it undergoes its first processing and is quickly stored at controlled temperature.
After 12/24 hours of salting, the fish is washed and placed to dry at a temperature of 22°C.
Then comes the smoking stage, carried out using the vertical system (hanging).
Prince® products are smoked with aromatic essences and quality woods combined in an exclusive Prince® blend, using special cells equipped with generators to produce smoke without a naked flame (lox). This system promotes greater water loss and offers firmer and more intensely flavored flesh.
All Prince® products are fished sustainably in the open sea, processed according to strict regulations and in the absence of dyes or preservatives, and only after the smoking, packaging and selection processes do they earn the Prince® brand.

Chinook / King Salmon – Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha
Chinook salmon are also called King Salmon.
Chinook salmon populations range from the central Californian coast to the Arctic coast and the central Canadian area. Unlike other salmon species, these salmon spawn in deeper waters. After laying, the females stay close by and will remain “on guard” for up to a month before dying naturally. Red King is the most highly prized variety among wild salmon species and the largest in size. Fish of this species can weigh up to 60 kg, as well as being the longest-lived. The fact that it can swim freely and feed naturally, gives it its hallmark firm consistency and typically intense flavor.

Coho / Silver Salmon – Oncorhynchus Kisutch
Silver salmon or Silver.
Belonging to the genus Oncorhynchus, translated from the Greek for the lower hook jaw typical of male salmon during the mating season, is the Coho or Silver. Though smaller in size than the Red King, it is still highly sought after. It is the lowest in fat among all wild salmon and so the meat is firm and compact, of a beautiful color and with a delicate, sweet taste.

Red Salmon – Oncorhynchus Nerka
It is the third most common species among salmon in the Atlantic.
Young fish spend up to three years in fresh water before migrating to the ocean. Its name comes from the vibrant color of its meat, characterized by an extremely high content of Omega-3 fatty acids, giving the intense red color and the extraordinary softness and decisive taste that make it particularly suitable for smoking.

Wild Atlantic Swordfish – Xiphias Gladius
Distributed in tropical, subtropical, and temperate areas of all oceans, as well as in the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara and Sea of Azov,
where they tend to concentrate when there the sea or ocean currents attract their prey.

Atlantic Wild Tuna – Thunnus Albacares
Caught with selective and sustainable fishing methods, this tuna stands out for its bright yellow fin tips.
Widespread in all tropical and subtropical seas except the Mediterranean, it is highly adapted to swimming swiftly with a huge migratory capacity.
The adult specimens guarantee more compact and whole steaks, prized for their pinkish-colored flesh and delicate flavor.