Prince® Wild Salmon

The harbour and the Prince® factory are located in the Vancouver bay (Canada) in the southern province of British Columbia. The Prince® vessels take off from the docks of the old harbour to cast their nets and longlines in the clear waters of the North Pacific and Atlantic. Here, with selective and sustainable fishing techniques, we choose our variety of fish. Only the best fish become the choice of Prince®.

Prince® Wild Sword Fish

It is found in tropical, subtropical and temperate areas in all oceans as well as in the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara and the Sea of Azov. In these seas it is inclined to meet in big numbers due to the fact that many of its prey are attracted in this seas by the ocean currents. Our swordfish are caught offshore in the Atlantic waters of North America. After being smoked the fillets appear firm. The flesh present a light pink colour with slightly darker stripes. The taste is strong but always gentle.

Prince® Wild Tuna

Caught with selective and sustainable fishing methods, this tuna is characterized, in particular, by the bright yellow fin ends. Widespread in all tropical and subtropical seas, except theMediterranean, it has a high swimming ability and it is capable of making great migrations. The adult specimen provides very compact and full slices; in particular it is appreciated for its pinkish flesh and for its very delicate taste.